Stop giving a fuck and start living an awesome life

For many years I've wasted precious time in trying to please everyone. I wanted to feel respected, liked by all and being praised for the hard work I did. I was so focused on what people thought of me, I lost feeling with who I really was.

A lot had to change, and so I did. I quit my job, started a new journey and decided to start living my own life instead of someone else's.

Today, 5 years after quitting my job, I'm running my own creative agency, driving my dream car, constructing my dream house
and living an awesome life with my lovely girl.

The secret? I stopped giving a fuck about a lot of people and things in life, to save energy for people and things I really care about.

On 99journeys I want to share with you how you too can start living an awesome life.

Author, Entrepreneur and founder of 99journeys
Wim Segers


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