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Ever took a ride in a rollercoaster at a theme park? I bet you nearly shit your pants waiting the cue. But peer pressure and commitment got you lining up an hour, jumping on board and screaming like a little girl. 

Now tell me... How did you feel after surviving that insane ride? Right, you felt fucking awesome!

High on a mixture of dopamine and adrenaline you felt completely invincible. You had all the confidence in the world to run right back to the entrance and take that ride AGAIN! So thrilled you might even forget to buckle up... (never forget to buckle up, seriously...)

Yet we avoid taking risks and feelings related to fear, discomfort or failure on a daily base. While these are exactly the feelings that accompany living an awesome and successful life! 


The avoidance of uncomfortable feelings stops you from a life beyond your wildest imagination.

I too used to avoid these uncomfortable feelings, and still avoid some of my fears. But I also realised that the avoidance of these feelings was stopping me from a life beyond me wildest imagination.

And if I wanted to achieve my dreams and ambitions, there was only one thing to do, face my fears and step out of my fucking comfort zone.

Does this mean I don't have any fears blocking me? No, unfortunately not. But I've accepted that these feelings are, just like taking a rollercoaster, a necessary evil for the feeling of accomplishment after worth.

And although these moments stay very uncomfortable, I now know they accompany the awesome life I'm living today. Which makes it a lot easier to get my shit together and do it already.  

It’s never as bad as you think it will be

So, while most people will stay unwilling to feel difficult emotions on a regular basis. I dare you to be different than most people, dive in and disregard how you feel in those moments.

Feel the fear and fucking do it, I  promise you instant access to opportunities 99% of the population will never get. Which is also where you choose to start living a life that 99% will never be able to live.

Still making up excuses to not face your fears? Trust me, once you break past the fear that is blocking you from accomplishing what you really want, it’s never as bad as you think it will be.


Now grow a pair and start living your awesome life!


Article written by Wim Segers - Founder 99journeys